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Home File Share Server 0.7

Home File Share Server is a web server intended for file sharing (See all)

Home File Share Server is a web server intended for file sharing. The application installs a web server onto your computer, to which you can connect to download and upload files. The installation is incredibly fast and easy, even for beginner users.

The app allows you to create several user accounts for which you can modify a few permissions. You can restrict certain users and give complete access to others. For each account, you need to specify a folder on the local system to which the user will have access. A nice feature in this step is automatic password generation, adding a bit of security to the server.

The server keeps a log of all the activity on the computer and you can see statistics in real time. You can see who is online and what they are doing. There is support for chat rooms. Of course, the main feature of Home File Share Server is the ability to send and receive files. Any user can access the server by inputting its IP address on any web browser (IE didn't work for me, but that was to be expected). Ports can be changed for added security.

The server can be configured to start with Windows, or you can start it on demand.

José Fernández
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  • Easy to use
  • Good layout
  • Complete user account functionality


  • I would require encryption in a product like this
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